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Let's Get Up To Date - Day 4

Updated: Jun 1

So, a few days back I announced I'd be joining the #100DaysOfCode Challenge. I'd been at it for 100 Days beforehand, and I figured I'd try to make the next 100 a little more transparent in hopes that it'd make me accountable to sitting down to do my work. Naturally, life happens while you're busy making plans, so I've been scrambling just to keep up with the classes I'm taking. That's okay though! My hope is still to have built at LEAST a Dungeons & Dragons Character/Dice Roller by the end of this 100 Days, if not also a few other projects.

What have I been working on in the meantime? Well, you're looking at it! As part of getting ready for the challenge, I broke out a few of my favorite books on creativity and productivity: Steal Like An Artist and Show Your Work! both by Austin Kleon (If you've never read them, check them out!) Part of the advice I found therein was to have a little corner of the internet where you share what you're working on. I thought what better time than right now to do that!? So, I took what was for a short while The Nerdonomicon and changed it into this: a dumping ground of updates, ideas, and observations. I'm not going to try being clever, or prophetic, or deep. I'm just going to share parts of my process through coding, acting, and all of that good stuff.

The site is definitely a work-in-progress, I don't even know if this will survive the 100 Days, but it's not so much about the form as the function here. Now, let's get back to work.

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