• Colin Nesmith

100 Days of Code - Day 0

100 days ago today I made a change in my life that has opened up a world of possibilities: I decided to let acting be something special to me again -- something precious and private I did for myself and not to make a living at. In the process, I discovered something new, lovely, and fulfilling: web development. I'm chest-deep in 40+ hours a week of JavaScript, Computer Science, SQL, and Adobe training, and I haven't looked back.

Classes only take you so far, though. To celebrate the milestone, I've decided to go at it a little harder for the next hundred days: I'm joining the #100DaysOfCode challenge. For the next 100 days, I promise to commit an hour to the projects I want to work on: a portfolio, a DnD Dice Roller and Character Creator, a blog. I have no idea how much progress I'll make, but it's more about the process than the product.

If you wanna check out any progress, I'll post updates here, on Instagram, and Twitter daily. If you really want to get into the weeds, go over to my GitHub page! FEEDBACK IS WELCOME AND APPRECIATED!! I can't really know if what I'm making is useful without you all. That being said, warts and all, let's start this shit up!

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