let humanBio = {

     firstName: 'Colin';

     lastName: 'Nesmith;

     age: 31;

     location: 'Boonville, IN'

     profession: 'Professional-Actor-Turned-Web-Designer';

     dreamProfession: 'Starfleet Captain';

     hobbies: ['reading', 'studying philosophy', 'acting', 'following the NFL'];

     dislikes: ['spiders', 'jerks', 'traffic', 'lower back pain', 'broccoli'];

     favoriteQuote: "That which impedes action, advances action."


let welcomeMessage =

    'Hi fellow humans!  As we emerge from our quarantine holes bleary-eyed, I hope everyone is healthy and has a good sense of what they want to do in the post-2020 world.  I've undergone some crazy life-changes in the past year myself, and I'm excited to share the brain-pickings, pencil-shavings, and other related accoutrements with you all!  Live long and prosper!';

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